Views from the Couch 1: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) x Evie's Disco Diner Presents: G.L.O.W. I.R.L.

Dan Wilson

On Sunday 23rd September 2018, Melbourne Wrestling fans were treated to a fun, new collaboration between Australian professional wrestling powerhouse MCW (or Melbourne City Wrestling) and Evie’s Disco Diner, an energetic converted warehouse venue on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy. This coming together was simply titled: G.L.O.W. I.R.L., or those not down with the abbreviations, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling In Real Life! As it’s marketing for the event would suggest, it was at least partially inspired by the 80s phenomenon, which was recently recreated as a fictional Netflix show starring Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron. However, on this night it was not Hollywood’s best actors on display, but rather fans were presented with some of Australia’s best wrestlers in Erika Reid, Avary, Vixsin, Chanel Phoenix (MCW Debut), Indi Hartwell and KellyAnne.

The night played out as follows: Three one on one matches, where the victor would progress to the final, which would be a triple threat elimination match to determine the first Queen of G.L.O.W I.R.L. This was complete with crown, which was reported in jest to be valued at $250,000. This event actually sold out in three days, such was the interest surrounding the collaboration and I myself had to rent this special event on MCW Encore on Vimeo (, which came out this past weekend. There was no commentary, which was a great move as it would have been a logistical nightmare, but it also gave a great indication of the energy in the venue, as you could hear every chant, every bit of banter, the instructions from the official laying down the law and every “DIE ERIKA!” from Avary. The venue itself looked fantastic, A cosy spot, with booths for people (and KellyAnne), to enjoy their meals and above the ring was a great balcony that flanked it. I don’t believe there would have been too many bad viewing locations in the house.

Queen of G.L.O.W. I.R.L. Qualifying Match - Avary def. “The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch” Erika Reid

The show commenced in style and I’m not talking about the announcers Hawaiian shirt, as we got to witness the talented Avary taking on the always dangerous and intriguing Erika Reid. The Dreamtime Voodoo Witch wanted to instil mutual respect and sportsmanship, but was met with the saliva of the wrestler that really puts the brat in Brat Pack, as Avary spat straight on Erika’s hand. Erika, just smiled; unfazed by what had just occurred, before licking up the saliva, unleashing a primal scream and unloading on Avary. Both of these wrestlers are super talented and this was on display in this match with both wrestlers dishing out some solid offence. Erika had what appeared to be a ‘Last Chancery’ style bridging STF, but Avary was able to get to the ropes. Despite missing her first attempt at a fisherman DDT, Avary countered a bicycle kick attempt from Reid into the fisherman DDT for the win and became the first competitor to progress through to the final later in the evening.

Queen of G.L.O.W. I.R.L. Qualifying Match - “The Hardcore Bitch” Vixsin def. Chanel Phoenix

Banshee like screams and the ‘Simon Says’ instrumental can mean only one thing: The Hardcore Bitch. Vixsin is an intimidating monster and if you need any evidence of this, watch this event on Encore and watch her scare the pants off both the referee and the announcer simultaneously. Wow. The other thing we go to see in this match was the MCW debut of Chanel Phoenix, who did start off with a flurry in this contest. However, the “Hardcore Bitch” battered and bruised Chanel with her arsenal including savage chops, choking Phoenix using the top rope and even a submission. Chanel Phoenix showed great heart here, escaping the submission and eating so much punishment, but Vixsin delivered a fatal one two punch in the form of a lariat and hip drop pin for the win. Phoenix certainly earned the respect of Vixsin who raised her arm after the match, before celebrating her win.

Queen of G.L.O.W I.R.L Qualifying Match - “The Leader of the Fiend Club” KellyAnne def. “Impressive” Indi Hartwell

Indi Hartwell had some fun schtick with the announcer and her “Impressive” coat, whilst KellyAnne was encouraging those in attendance to enjoy their meals, whilst fist bumping them on her way to the ring. After a few “I’m not Ready”s from Indi, KellyAnne go the first offence of this match, with a fish hook style finger in the mouth STF and a hair pull STF as well. After further back and forth between the two and Hartwell still not ready, KellyAnne left the ring and sat with a spectator, enjoying some of the potato gems on offer. In general, the leader of the fiend club had great banter with the crowd. Once the action returned to the ring, the impressive one took control for a while. Indi Hartwell had some fun with the referee and how both quickly and slowly his counts were, illegal hold vs pinfall attempt respectively. Indi also singled out one of KellyAnne’s fans Nick in the crowd, calling him out on a couple of occasions during the match. Despite the threat of an “Impressive” F5, KellyAnne was able to knock Indi into the corner with a spinning forearm which were followed by two devastating cannonballs and this one was over.

Queen of G.L.O.W. I.R.L. Final - KellyAnne def. Vixsin and Avary to be crowned the Inaugural Queen of G.L.O.W I.R.L.

From the outset, Avary knew she needed a gameplan and what better one than to team with Vixsin to take out KellyAnne. With a little persuasion, the Hardcore Bitch was in! The team quickly dissolved after Avary tried to steal Vixsin’s cover on KellyAnne. Vixsin battled with Avary through the crowd and punters drinks ended up over each competitor. The action returned to the ring with Avary and KellyAnne taking each other to task, until Vixsin re-entered the fray, leading to an excellent Superplex Powerbomb spot by all three competitors. KellyAnne and Vixsin briefly teamed up to remove Avary from the match by way of spinning forearm from Kelly Anne and a choke powerbomb from Vixsin. KellyAnne and Vixsin battled briefly before Vixsin hit a hip drop on KellyAnne, which she countered into pin and got the victory. The show ended with KellyAnne crowned the Queen of G.L.O.W I.R.L and celebrating with the crowd.

This was a fun show to watch so I can only imagine how fun it was to actually be there, especially with the 80s fancy dress and jovial crowd. It was a great showcase of some of the talent in MCWs ranks and would have been a fun sized treat for your typical wrestling fan and a great introduction to the great Australian wrestling scene for someone unfamiliar with the local product or professional wrestling at all. If you have an hour up your sleeve, get onto and rent the show, you won’t regret it. A second G.L.O.W. I.R.L. has already been announced for Sunday November 25 with Impact Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard involved, so it will be interesting to see who MCW also puts into the second instalment of what I hope to be a long running collaboration.