Evans and Eagles: Our Aussie Aces in the She-1

On 10th and 11th of November 2018, Pro Wrestling Eve hosted it's SHE-1 event, where twelve of the highest level wrestlers in the world qualified to compete in the league to crown the "Ace of Eve", guaranteeing the winner the headline position at Pro Wrestling Eve's WRESTLEQUEENDOM Event. See the similarities to NJPW? Well that is because it is a similar style tournament, with a block and points format. Australian Export Charli Evans qualified by defeating Laura Di Matteo at Pro Wresting Eve's Slayers in Spandex event on July 14, whilst Madison Eagles defeated Shazza McKenzie at PWA Call to Arms on August 11, showing both had to defeat world class talent to qualify for this exclusive league. So how did these two superstars fare against some of the best independent wrestlers on the planet?

Charli Evans match 1: Charli Evans b Erin Angel

Charli's first opponent in the She-1 was the 15 year veteran Erin Angel. Trained by the legendary Doug Williams Erin has wrestled for the likes of IPW, Rise, Bellatrix and of course Pro Wrestling Eve.

Charli works as a heel and immediately draws the ire of the crowd. Erin enters to S Club 7's "Bring It All Back" and I think you would be hard pressed to find a more babyface song to enter to than that one with the crowd singing  and clapping along just like so many UK audiences do. Erin Angel is for lack of a better term angelic in white in this match, while Charli is edgy and brooding in dark colours with her dark hair with the streak the coup de grace. A great contrast and a clear divide in this match.

The match starts with lockups, in which Charli Evans gets Erin Angel to the ground. Evans follows up with a nice shoulder block, before we see some nice arm drags and a hurricarana from Angel. Charli then delivers a big back suplex and shows her brawling heelish style, with some nasty strikes to the back of the head. Evans is just as diabolical when grappling, when whilst working Erin's shoulder, steps on her face to allow her greater capacity to generate torque. Another example is the headlock she applies to Erin Angel, where whilst she is sitting up, Charli Evans applies the headlock and also places her bodyweight onto the head and neck of Angel, just to make it that much more painful. Evans also applies a stretch muffler and when Angel refuses to submit, she proceeds to dump Erin on her head. This match is far from smooth sailing for Evans who ends up bleeding from the mouth after being hit with a cross body and face buster from Erin Angel. Despite having her moments in this contest, Erin Angel eats a huge knee from Evans and Charli hits her cradle DDT for the win and starts of her journey in this tourney on the right note with two points! This was a great match and Charli Evans showed she more than belongs in the big leagues.

Madison Eagles Match 1: Jamie Hayter b Madison Eagles

Jamie Hayter enters first and receives a massive chorus of boos for her trouble. But she is overconfident and really has no idea what she is in for, that is until AFI's haunting "Prelude 12/21" hits and the tall intimidating presence of Madison Eagles makes her impression on the crowd. Again this amazing crowd are singing along "kiss my eyes and lay me too sleep". The debuting Madison's aura gets to Jamie Hayter, who is as much in the corner as she can be as Madison with a big grin on her face, goes up to her and pats her on the head. Everyone (except Hayter) is loving Eagles including our commentators, who comment on Madison's attire, which lets face it, is amazing. We also get the "Oh Madison Eagles" chant to the 7 Nation Army melody. I wonder if these fans realise that this chant also manages to pay tribute to her and her brood, the Four Nations?

Jamie wants no part of this match, attempting to get out of the ring on a number of occasions before Madison just grabs her and drags her into the ring. This match was fantastic for a fan of Madison as the Master of Wrestling put on a technical wrestling masterclass, showing the variety of holds she has in her arsenal and similar to Zack Sabre Jr, she is not just satisfied with putting a hold on, Eagles will grab another limb or manipulate the hold making it all the more difficult to deal with. Madison dominated Hayter for the majority of this contest, not just applying stretches and submissions, but also clubbing her with strikes and hitting her signature corner spider suplex. Madison also manages to counter a lot of the offence that Jamie is trying to put together but unfortunately not when it counts as Hayter hits some big knee strikes and as Madison is trying to recover hits a huge curb stomp for the win. This was also a fantastic match and really showed the crowd and Pro Wrestling Eve fans what Madison Eagles is all about.

Madison Eagles Match 2: Viper b Madison Eagles

Here we got the Master of Wrestling versus the Vixen of Violence a wresting fan's dream match and it was a good one. Both wrestlers were very over with the crowd and Madison took advantage of the situation, offering a double high five before grabbing Viper's hands and twisting them into double wrist locks. Viper certainly had the brute strength advantage and Madison was also struggled to get Viper off her feet. Madison was certainly the more technically sound of the two and earned a gem from the commentary booth "Wrestling IQ higher than MENSA". In the matchup of Technical v Brute, the Brute go the nod here as Viper avoided a spider suplex from Madison, which left Eagles tied to the tree of woe and she ate a wicked cannonball in the corner from Viper which got the three count.

Charli Evans Match 2: Kris Wolf b Charli Evans

This was very much a comedy match for the opening portion as after receiving a few bites courtesy of Kris Wolf, Charli Evans requested the opportunity to wrestle Kris Wolf's Wlf headpiece, known as Tito. We had chants of RSPCA from the crowd as Evans german suplexed Tito and stomped on it. Evans also used Kris Wolf's tail against her, choking her with it and tying her to the ropes with it so she could do further damage to Tito. Buts this backfired in a big way, with Wolf firing up and after hitting a big dive to the outside on Charli, she hit a big swinging DDT for the 2 points.

Madison Eagles Match 3: Madison Eagles b Millie McKenzie

Millie enters the ring heavily strapped up due to her previous matches in the league, whilst Madison enters hungry for points. This combination led to a quick and nasty match, where Madison avoided Millie's signature German suplex and got her to the ground and locked in her STF with the injured shoulder incorporated into the hold. The Master of Wrestling gets her first points of the tournament, but with two points after her final match, she will not be progressing any further in the SHE-1.

Charli Evans Match 3: Charlie Morgan b Charli Evans

Charlie Morgan entered the SHE-1 as an alternate after Rhea O'Reilly was unable to finish the tournament. Charlie Morgan is the current champion of Pro Wrestling Eve, so this would be a huge scalp to claim and to prove you are in title contention. Charlie Morgan is an incredible wrestler in her own right and I would highly recommend watching some of her matches as she is such an phenomenal talent with all the attributes to succeed. We witnessed a fantastic technical wrestling match between these two stars and it showed that Charli Evans belongs in the title picture of Pro Wrestling Eve. Evans was able to apply some horrifying stretches that former teacher Madison Eagles would be proud of, even making the veins of Charlie Morgan's neck bulge at the pain. Despite coming so awfully close to winning this match, Evans was unable to defeat the reigning champion, who hit a gravity defying wall walk arm drag in her final momentum run to the win. Unfortunately Charli only finished on two points meaning she would not be taking any further part in the SHE-1.

BUT WAIT! HOLD THE PHONE! THIS AIN'T OVER! We were treated to a very special match on the final show of the SHE-1. Charli Evans took on Madison Eagles, Master vs former Apprentice, Teacher vs Student.

Madison Eagles b Charli Evans

"Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" The UK crowd were incredible for all four shows and they were no different for this match, recognising both of these superstars hailed from Australia and pulled out the classic chant. Once again, we were treated to a fantastic technical encounter from these two warriors, however Evans showed the mean streak that she has, slamming Madison's head into a piece of the building overhanging the ring after avoiding Madison's spider suplex. This allowed Charli Evans to assume the control in this match. Eagles looked to be in trouble, but countered Charli by rolling through a hold and putting Evans into a scorpion looking leg and back stretch with ring awareness the only thing stopping Charli from tapping. Madison fires up at this point suplexing Evans into the turnbuckle and hitting her with solid strikes. Eagles follows up with a spider suplex and a savage short arm lariat. Eagles locks in her masterful STF and this one is over. This was my favourite of all of the matches over the SHE-1 weekend, with both wrestlers putting in a great performance and conquering as the hashtag states.

The crowd applauds Evans as she leaves the ring and Madison gets well deserved "please come back" chants. The crowd and the crew fell in love with the Master of Wrestling with even the ring announcer stating her husband would be mad as she just fell in love with Eagles.

So when it's all said and done, despite not being crowned the Ace of Eve, our very own aces in Eagles and Evans did themselves and the Australian wrestling scene proud, putting in blockbuster performances over the weekend. It is most definitely in your best interests to subscribe to Pro Wrestling Eve's pivot share and watching the four shows. I felt a great sense of pride watching our wrestlers kill it and I'm sure you will too.

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