The Veil of Secrecy Lifted: Just What Have We Learned About Underworld Wrestling Since It's Emergence From the Shadows

On March 17th 2018, Lord Mark Williamson survives a power struggle to be elected President of the Claw and with this rise saw him flip the bird to two centuries of hidden tradition for as the man described it himself in one of the first videos he filmed after his appointment “violence is the only language that is understood universally”. The President's first act was to announce a public unveiling of the Underworld fight club, to create visibility and transparency so that hundreds could be drawn into the hypnotic chaos concealed from them since its inception. His vision was to allow members of the public to consume these events of mass violence, creating a convent of bloodthirsty, desensitised, soldiers to help Lord Mark Williamson and the Claw to bring about “the end of all things”. We have been given three servings from the Underworld menu so far, so this begs the question; what have we learned so far about this mysterious promotion?

Underworld Wrestling is Unique

Underworld is far removed from your run of the mill independent wrestling promotion. It is a dangerous fight club, capable of taking years off of the life of its competitors, with a unique rules and point accumulation system. These systems are well explained in the menacing looking graphic below.



The Action at Underworld Wrestling is Swift and Brutal

The ten minute time limit for regular matches and the fifteen minute time limit for championship matches show us that the constantly counting down clock is not on anyone's side but the Underworld Champions. The result of this is desperation; we have desperate fighters taking often unnecessary risks because of the time limit. They can't allow someone else the opportunity to come through the floodgates and take their points. They can't allow a champion a victory from survival. These gambles can leave a warrior susceptible to a submission or brutal knock out and we got our first knockout since the public unveiling when Jackson Kelly almost successfully removed JXT's head from his shoulders with his patented boot. Title matches are particularly nasty, being no disqualification we have seen Erika Reid choke Avary with a golf club, Erika Reid stab Vixsin with a fork and Avary sticking a screwdriver through Erika Reid's ear piercing. The Women's championship has been the most captivating to watch so far and with Vixsin, Erika Reid and Avary in the mix, I only expect good things on the horizon.



Lord Mark Williamson Will Do WHATEVER It Takes To Get What He Wants

The President of the Claw will stop at nothing to bring on "the end of all things" which he believes he will be able to do once in possession of both the two Underworld Championships. If you need any evidence as to how far Mark Williamson will go to get what he wants, look no further than his own Underworld announcer and commentator Lord Andy Coyne. Mark Williamson, kidnapped Andy's brother Rudy and was holding him at Claw HQ, advising Andy that Rudy might be involved in a little accident if he did not cooperate. Despite having difficulty controlling some of the roster such as Gino Gambino and Syd Parker, make no mistake that Lord Mark Williamson is a major player in all that is happening in the promotion, manipulating people such as Benny English to achieve his means.


Underworld Wrestling Brings Out The Best (And Worst) Of All Who Walk Through It's Gates

The allure of this underground fight club has seen many fighters from a variety of backgrounds come through it's gates chasing glory. It means that a motley crew of characters are stimulating our pupils every time we watch. From Beach Bum Booters, to JaySticks, Dreamtime Voodoo witches to Hardcore Bitches, we get fragments from across the entire Australian Wrestling Scene to create one fantastic mosaic. But just because you have seen these talents elsewhere before, doesn't mean you have seen them in Underworld Wrestling. As JXT found out in episode one, this is not just another wrestling show for a professional wrestler. Each contest is a fight, meaning that each combatant must indulge the darkness, their twisted side they might like to hide to ultimately succeed. Jackson Kelly for example, ditched the tights and the bucket hat and his showmanship because he was acutely aware of what to expect. Erika Reid seems to take a 'kill or be killed' mentality into her championship matches, which has seen the brutal use of weapons as mentioned earlier and made her a star of the first episodes. Avary's piercing manipulation on Reid was also a side of her I'd never seen. Back to JXT, after a series of setbacks and some teases the last time we saw him, I think we might also see a different side of JXT next time around.



Underworld is a must watch

The final thing I've learned is that Underworld Wrestling is a must watch. It is the perfect supplement to add to your current wrestling diet - plenty of vitamin V(iolence), and it is awesome to see an Australian Wrestling promotion pushing the boundaries and testing the definitions of what it means to be one. Congratulations to all involved with the promotion and I very much look forward to watching the legend continue to grow. If you are yet to experience it for yourself, you can currently catch the first episode on Underworld's youtube page absolutely free.

If you like what you see, you can then subscribe for the very appropriate price of $6.66 on Underworld's pivotshare

Better yet, if you are in Melbourne on Friday 16th of November, you can head to Claw HQ yourself for the TV tapings for the next lot of episodes to be released. Tickets are available here.

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Shoutout to Cory Lockwood photography, their wonderful photos have accompanied my article and you can see their awesome portfolio here.