The Wild Ride That Was Joey Janela's LA Confidential

Late last night (Sydney, Australia time) I ordered my first ever Fite PPV replay and I chose Joey Janela's LA Confidential, a collaboration between Joey Janela and Game Changer Wrestling that had streamed live all around the world earlier in the day. The main reason I chose it was because Shazza McKenzie was live tweeting how much she enjoyed it, so I wanted to see for myself. It was a wicked show featuring plenty of high spots, nostalgia, rising stars and violence. It will draw plenty of media attention due to the main event featuring high profile Actor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Fashion Designer and most importantly Professional Wrestler, former WCW Heavyweight Champion David Arquette. But there is plenty more to this show than one appearance. Let's take a look at the show, so it goes without saying that there are spoilers past this point.

Quick Results:

The Great Sasuke b DJZ

Tony Deppen b Jungle Boy

Brody King b Hardcore Holly

Penelope Ford b Human Tornado

Ethan Page b D LO Brown

Suicidal Seven Way Scramble - Jimmy Lloyd b Kikutaro, Takeshi Minamino, Delilah Doom, Facade, Jake Atlas and Chase Owens

Fatu b KTB

Co main event: Eli Everfly is awarded victory over Marko Stunt after injury to Stunt.

GCW Championship: Nick Gage (c) b David Arquette in a Deathmatch (yes you read that correctly.

The Great Sasuke b DJZ

The first wrestler we see on this show was DJZ, a high flyer who with his light up chest plate, is a walking electronic dance music show. DJZ is a current member of the IMPACT roster, but has wrestled in a number of promotions in his 15+ year career. His opponent for this opening contest of the evening was The Great Sasuke, a professional wrestling legend,  a former WWF Light heavyweight champion and IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion.

Both men get early moments in this contest, where the DJ Booth throws in an air horn sound to to pay homage to them getting the upper hand. This venue (The Hi Hat in Los Angeles) is very cosy and the first time I really realised it was when the Great Sasuke went for a senton onto the apron and DJZ rolled out of the way. The crowd on the right hand side of the ring (from main fixed camera shot) was basically hugging the ring, leaving very little margin for error, making it all the more impressive.

Following the miss, DJZ had some nice offensive moments, hitting a top rope codebreaker and super kick but an attempted springboard from the second turnbuckle lead to a nice back suplex from the Great Sasuke. Sasuke then applies his signature Octopus Stretch in the centre of the ring, but DJZ manages to escape. Sasuke shows his strength and poise, getting DJZ into a piledriver postion and pivoting to show DJZ to all four sides of the ring before hitting the move. The great one then proves again that the high flying moves might not be working for him on this evening when he hits a Swanton Bomb onto the raised knees of DJZ. Best spot of the match then followed this moment, when DJZ left the ring, climbed onto the DJ booth then dived with huge air onto Sasuke and hit a swinging DDT. Sasuke delivers a strong powerbomb countering a follow up rolling move from DJZ, which allows him to climb to the top turnbuckle to hit an elbow drop for the win. This was a fun opening match, with the crowd very jovial throughout.

NB - Amazing Red was due to face the Great Sasuke, but was unable to fly out of New York due to weather issues which lead to a reshuffle of the card.

Tony Deppen b Jungle Boy

Tony Deppen immediately wins the walkout song award of the night for coming out to Starship's smash hit "We Built This City". Deppen has been around for 6 Years and has appeared for the likes of Chikara, CZW and TRUE Wrestling. His opponent is the highly touted Jungle Boy, who debuted on the professional wrestling circuit at the end of 2015. He enters the ring to huge chants of "Jungle Boy" from the crowd.

Deppen immediately establishes himself as the heel in the contest by blowing snot on Jungle Boy. Charming stuff. Jungle Boy shows why there is hype behind him, showing incredible athleticism to practically avoid every piece offence that Deppen throws at him to commence this contest, however when Deppen he does get offence in, is using dirty tactics. Jungle Boy puts together a nice hurricarana, followed up by a beautiful springboard armdrag and the a solid dropkick. Jungle Boy continues to receive plenty of love from the LA crowd and i believe it is a combination of him being amazing with a hint of the old California bias (Jungle Boy is from California). Jungle Boy gets Tony Deppen to the outside and plans an attack, however he is caught in a power bomb position and is thrown into the corner post on the outside. Deppen then enters the ring before hitting a suicida onto Jungle Boy on the outside. We get a bit of brawling through the crowd at this point, which is unfortunately a bit difficult to follow due to the positioning of the camera crew - it is an unfortunate problem throughout the event when the action spills to the outside. Another awe inspiring spot in this match sees Jungle Boy hit a springboard moonsault from the second rope to Deppen on the outside.

The action returns to the ring and we get a combination of strong moves from Jungle Boy - a rolling jumping DDT, A corner lariat, followed by a springboard lariat, a pumphandle gutbuster, into a sitout Tiger Bomb into a springboard cutter known as the Jungle Cutter. Despite this ridiculous amount of offence, Deppen shows great heart to survive. Jungle Boy attempts a 450 splash, but misses, giving Tony Deppen the opening he needs. Deppen hits a double foot stomp off the top rope onto the back of a bent over Jungle Boy, along with some savage strikes for good measure. Jungle Boy gets to his feet and we see a back and forth exchange from both men, aiming for the final bit of momentum to swing in their favour. We see a huge reverse hurricarana from Jungle Boy and an incredible sunset flip bomb from the corner rope position. Then completely against the momentum, Deppen in his final act of desperation, rolled up Jungle Boy with a school boy and then held the tights and the unassuming referee counted the three. A great match by both men which certainly displayed why there is a lot of love for Jungle Boy in the American independent wrestling scene. Jungle Boy despite the loss, has earned the love of the fans who chant for him to "please come back"

Brody King b Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Bob Holly, the WWF/E veteran fresh off of his tour of Australia with Rock n Roll Wrestling (Had to get an Australian Wrestling Reference in their somewhere!) faced off against another wrestler on the rise in Brody King, a man who has been popping up everywhere on the American independent circuit including Bar Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, MLW, DEFY, AAW and even appeared for UK based promotion PROGRESS just in 2018. Brody King's size and strength advantage immediately on display in this one as each of the opening lock ups go his way, manhandling Bob Holly with ease. Hardcore does have experience on his side however and uses that to get some offence in where he can. King hits some big scoop slams, a suplex and a senton splash while on offence and Holly hits a big spear to give him a bit longer in this contest. We see an amazing chop exchange between the two in the middle of the ring and I am cringing watching them and hearing the thuds. Brody King goes for a Uranage slam which Holly counters into a DDT again somehow surviving. Hardcore Holly uses this opportunity to set up a classic Alabama Slam with the force of the throw actually throwing Holly backwards - King is much much larger than Holly! It is only a near fall due to the delay in getting a cover attempt and King counters a second attempt into a Uranage for the win.

Post match Hardcore Holly puts Brody King over in a promo whilst also thanking the fans for supporting GCW. Bob gets a nice Holly chant to close it out. This match was short and sweet and Bob Holly looks is still in amazing shape. A nice nostalgia moment.

Penelope Ford b Human Tornado

We got an intergender match on this card when the 'Bad Girl' Penelope Ford went up against cult hero Human Tornado.

The contest commences with Tornado outmuscling Ford in the lock up, getting her to the ground and getting on top of her. Tornado gets Ford into the corner lifts her to the top rope and pats her breasts, which Ford reacts to with an almighty slap to the face followed by a jumping arm drag. Ford gets Tornado onto the outside and attempts a suicida but is caught and suplexed onto the outside for her trouble. Tornado gets her back into the ring and delivers some hard strikes he sits Ford in the corner and delivers his dancing foot stomp combination, followed up by a running face wash. Ford, shows fantastic heart and will not be put away.

Ford fires up and strikes Tornado hard herself, however an attempted springboard move allows Human Tornado to throw Penelope Ford off balance leading to a big face plant. Tornado then gets Penelope into the corner and goes for a big boot and misses, allowing Ford back to deliver a german suplex him into the corner turnbuckle. Ford uses the change in momentum to attempt a diving move from the top turnbuckle but unfortunately Tornado is waiting and she gets hit with pimp slap. Tornado then attempts some submissions with a reverse triangle and then follows up with a chin lock. It takes a few attempts to escape, but Ford manages to hit a Jawbreaker to release the hold. Penelope follows up with a beautiful handspring cutter and locks in an inverted cross face on Human Tornado. Tornado hits a scoop slam on Ford and then proceeds to climb the turnbuckle. The Bad Girl then sprints over and attacks Tornado climbing the turnbuckle herself and ends up behind him. Tornado elbows Ford and grabs her by the scruff of the neck and we essentially see a turbo backpack from the top rope. Ford can only be in survival mode here and the punishment continues through a huge lariat and a leg catch back suplex. Tornado has been arrogant throughout the match but at this point his arrogance is turned up to 11, clapping his handy work along with mocking Ford. Human Tornado lifts Penelope Ford into the corner and attempts a back suplex that Ford counters into a sliced bread number two. After a fighting spirit strike exchange, Tornado goes for the leg catch back suplex again but fails. The Bad Girl goes for the handspring cutter but is caught by Tornado. Penelope then on the fly hits a DDT from the catch and collects the pinfall. Despite his cockiness throughout the match, Tornado knows he is beaten and raises Penelope Ford's hand. I know Intergender wrestling is not everyone's cup of tea, however I really enjoyed this match and believe it told a great story. The heart of Ford was on display for all to see and this match was very believable, which seems to be the argument of most critics of Intergender wrestling.

Ethan Page b D LO Brown

The next contest of the evening saw All Ego Ethan Page take on former WWF superstar D LO Brown in another new school vs old school match, following on from DJZ vs Sasuke and King vs Holly earlier in the evening.

Ethan Page's ego was certainly in display in this contest, for example following the very first lock up, Ethan Page hit a shoulder block and delivered the Nation of Domination pose. He followed this up with another knock down and performing D LO's classic head wobble. This clearly grinds D LO's gears so much that he actually takes the ascendancy, hitting some shoulder blocks of his own, followed up with some hug chops in the corner on the man dubbed All Ego. Ethan Page manages to hotshot Brown on the ropes, following up with a running elbow drop and then choking Brown using the ropes. Brown then sees another opportunity to mock D LO with him down in the middle of the ring he stands at his head and kicks his shoulder and goes for the people's elbow but D LO gets out of the way.

D LO then hits a second rope moonsault, with chants of 'you still got it' in reaction to the move, but it only achieves a near fall. D LO follows up with his signature leg drop and sit out powerbomb but only for near falls. Ethan Page then gets some offence of his own, hitting a Swanton bomb and in another moment of pure mockery, hitting the rock bottom on Brown. All Ego gets a chair in the ring and hits Brown with it, some shenanigans ensue and whilst lifting Page, D Lo cops a shot from some brass knuckles to counter a slam and Page lands on top of Brown and gets the win as he states in his after match promo "by any means necessary" - one last parting shot at Brown with the Nation of Domination tag line. This was a good match and I enjoyed the mockery story lead by the heel Page. Again the nostalgia points tallied up as I saw D LO Brown wrestle in what feels like a long time between drinks.

Suicidal Seven Way Scramble - Jimmy Lloyd b Kikutaro, Takeshi Minamino, Delilah Doom, Facade, Jake Atlas and Chase Owens

This match was crazy with a lot of action in a small amount of time. Everyone nailed big moves and had a great showing. Kikutaro and Owens started the match, but very quickly each wrestler got in the ring and showed what they had. Atlas showing how swift and agile he was, Delilah Doom was suplexing everyone in sight, Owens hit a Uranage on one wrestler into another he has holding in a headlock in easily the move of the match. Facade showed off his high flying prowess, but ultimately it was Jimmy Lloyd who hit a piledriver on Atlas to get the win.

This was a fun match that was chaotic for the most part, with some great spots throughout. One of the highlights I had not yet mentioned was a chain submission with six of the competitors involved until Owens broke it up.

Fatu b KTB

Jacob Fatu is a part of the legendary Samoan dynasty and is trained by his Uncle Rikishi, whom he was wearing a pair of his tights to pay homage in thsi match and KTB is Kyle The Beast. 'Nuff Said!

KTB immediately kicks off the contest by grabbing a chair which Fatu counters. Kyle The Beast then wrestles the chair back and throws it at Fatu, following up with a pump kick at the chair. Fatu seems relatively unfazed by it. KTB then counters a charging/ diving Jacob Fatu, delivering some damage on the outside. Fatu is then thrown back into ring. KTB gloats to crowd and turns his back on Jacob Fatu for far too long turn and gets hit with a huge dive from Fatu. A Table or Door is then brought into the ring and set up in the corner. We are teased with back and forth counters. Who will go through the wood? We are treated to a striking contest in middle of the ring with two absolute monsters going after each other. But Fatu uses his cinder block of a head to skull bash KTB's head in. A big spinebuster from KTB is followed up by spearing Jacob Fatu through the door/table. Kyle the Beast hits a sit out powerbomb but only gets a near fall. We get more wood in the ring which is set up to sit on two chairs; must be a door after all. We aren't teased as much this time with Fatu hitting a moonsault onto a standing KTB and the crash through the door. Fatu follows up with a Samoan Drop for the 'W'. This match was fast and furious, with both men wrestlers you should look out for. Wow.

Co-Main event: Eli Everfly is awarded victory over Marko Stunt after injury to Stunt.

This match was interesting as both men were almost identical in size, with Stunt used to wresting much larger competition. Everfly ambushed Stunt during his entrance and immediately an incredibly fast pace was established. Everfly hits Stunt with Sliced Bread 2 from standing position on apron. Both mean end up outside where Everfly throws a chair at Stunt on outside. Everfly sets Marko up on chair outside and dives into chairs with  Stunt narrowly getting out of the way and Everfly paying the price of high risk offence with Stunt then taking the opportunity to dive onto The Fly on the outside.

The action returns to the ring with Stunt hitting a huge dropkick but failing on a follow up 450 splash. Everfly hits an amazing springboard DDT followed up by a Michinoku driver then a unique submission lockup in the middle of the ring. Stunt counters a corner attack from Eli and both men end up in middle of the ring for striking exchange. Everfly hits a Buckle bomb and a hurricarana. Everfly then hit a massive canadian destroyer on Marko Stunt and he ends up on the outside. Eli Everfly then starts throwing chairs at Marko on the outside after slamming him onto a chair. Everfly then heads backstage looking for something and comes back with a door. The two men head into the crowd and it is very difficult to see what is going on. Due to Camera crew being in a bad position and people crowded around. Next thing we see is a Canadian Destroyer through the door and the crowd swallows both men up. Again disappointingly I can’t see the finish due to crowd blocking the camera crew, but Eli Everfly awarded win due to match getting out of hand and Stunt unable to continue. referee called for bell. This was an amazing match which unfortunately had to end prematurely due to injury. Both men are incredible competitors and I am disappointed that some of the match was obscured due to the camera crew being unable to get through the crowd.

Video I have seen from a member of the LA Confidential crowd shows the Canadian Destroyer occurring and the flip leading to Stunt's leg smashing into a piece of furniture which has caused a fibula break. All the best to him in his upcoming surgery and recovery.

GCW Championship: Nick Gage (c) b David Arquette in a Deathmatch (Can you believe that! David Arquette in a deathmatch!)

On paper this is an extremely lopsided match. Gage is a deathmatch legend, a CZW hall of famer, tournament of death winner along with winning the GCW tournament of survival. Arquette had wrestled all of four matches leading up to this (2018), with his previous 5 matches occurring in 2000 and 2010. It is crazy stuff.

The match starts and David Arquette keeps getting out of the ring and through the ropes to avoid Gage; he does not want to engage and it is understandable. Nick Gage encourages him to hit him and then spits on him. Arquette obliges but Gage hits him back twice as hard. Gage throws him to outside then proceeds to throw chairs at Arquette before throwing him on chairs. Both men are brawling on the outside, again out of view of the cameras which is frustrating. Gage gets David Arquette back into ring.

Nick Gage wedges a chair between the top and middle corner pad of one of the corners. Arquette avoids being thrown into said chair and throws a Charging gage into it instead. Arquette hits a hurricarana for follow up and Gage rolls to the outside. Arquette then climbs the corner and dives to the outside. Arquette then attempts some suicide dives to outside with chairs, then attempts a dive over rope but Gage strikes him. Gage then gets Arquette back into ring and gets a door set up. He spears Arquette through the door and proceeds to bash him over the head with pieces of the broken door, being willed on by the crowd. With Arquette down and out, Gage heads to the back, looking for more deadly tools. Of course Nick Gage returns with several bundles of light tubes.

Joey Ryan who was scheduled to appear before injuring his pectoral, then runs into the ring, complete with arm in sling. Ryan floors Gage with a superkick before Messiah enters the ring and attacks Ryan, tossing him to the outside. Messiah and Gage bicker, leading to Arquette hitting a low blow on Nick Gage and following up with a diamond cutter. He does not put Gage away and Gage repays him for the cheap shot by slamming him onto a bundle of light tubes.

Gage the sets up more light tubes on two chairs. Arquette out of survival bites Gage and then hits another diamond cutter through the light tubes set up on the chairs. Gage sits in one corner and Arquette grabs some light tubes and leans them against Gage before performing a running senton.

Both men are struggling to their feet, with Arquette getting there first with use of the ropes. The crowd is chanting for Arquette and he is too busy engaging with them to notice the dangerous Nick Gage. I mean seriously, you should NEVER turn your back on Nick Gage. Gage takes to Arquette's head with a Pizza slicer. He follows up by grabbing a light tube and carving it into Arquette's cranium, before smashing it over his head and carving some more. This gets a reaction from Arquette who rolls around and I believe this is in shoot and is when slices his neck open. Arquette goes for two covers which Gage kicks out of. Arquette the leaves the ring with him putting pressure on his neck to try and stop it bleeding, he is a bloody mess and is clearly panicking at this point. He returns to the ring. Arquette is shooting now, no doubt about it.

Nick Gage grabs him, but Arquette wilts to the ground as he wants this to end. Gage goes for light tubes and smacks them on Arquette's back and Arquette grabs a chair and smacks Gage with it in shoot. He gets on Gages back and Gage flings him off, covers him and gets the pin. Arquette immediately gets up and exits the ring, in need of medical attention. Gage cuts a promo about real death match wrestlers and thanks the fans, which to me confirms that Arquette was in shoot at the end. Despite the outcome, this was an incredible match that I believe will go down in wrestling folklore. David Arquette is nothing short of a bad ass for accepting this booking and performing the way he did against a deathmatch legend like Gage. He has nothing to be ashamed of and most certainly has earned himself many more fans out of it. I am in awe of the man. Again, incredible match, you have to check it out if you can handle deathmatches.

Joey Janela's LA Confidential was a fantastic show with nostalgia, violence, big spots and up and coming independent wrestling stars. I was highly entertained from start to finish and will now go and watch some of Joey Janela's previous efforts, such as Spring Break and Lost in New York after experiencing a show like that one. Amazing.

- Dan Wilson: twitter @pandrwrestling