The Spud 2 - Matty's Got Next. Why you should get used to seeing more of Matty Wahlberg

You’re at a local Australian wrestling show. Just a few bars after Leikeli47’s “Money” hits a tall, lean figure appears. A guy a parent would hate to see their child bring through the door of the family home. Peroxide blonde hair, a red solo cup, a throwback jersey, a cocky smile, swagger and tights that pay homage to the NBA and no I’m not talking about the National Basketball Association. I’m talking about the Natural Born Athlete, the 21st Century success story, the most handsome in Australian professional wrestling, the fresh as f#$% member of the BABES franchise, Matty Wahlberg.

The NSW based Wahlberg has only been around for a small period of time, but like an NCAA standout would, Matty has entered the big leagues in a massive way, making tidal waves wherever he goes. He has the build of an athlete, the confidence of an elite champion and the skills to match. He isn’t suffering from Sophomore syndrome either ascending to the top of several promotions, most recently winning the Future Wrestling Australia Heavyweight Championship, along with being the Silver Medalist for Wrestling GO! and after claiming Kings of the Castle 2018 with his brother in arms “The World’s Finest” Carter Deams, Wahlberg threw down his gauntlet in a moment Edge wold be jealous of to become the Newcastle Pro Wrestling Middleweight champion. That would be more than enough for most (sounds exhausting!), but not for Matty who has the cravings that any superstar does to consume more and more on the path to success and that hunger has taken him to Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), International Wrestling Australia (IWA), Riot City Wrestling in Adelaide (RCW) and Rock ‘n Roll Wrestling. He is also set to wrestle with Carter Deams as BABES at the inaugural Pro Wrestling League event on the Gold Coast, competing against the Social Media Squad and Street Revolution on November 17, defends his newly acquired FWA Championship on November 24 at Future Wrestling Australia Diamond edition, two shows for Wrestling Go on November 10th and December 16th, as well as PWA have the privilege of BABES hosting their next Black Label event at Max Watt’s Sydney, aptly titled “Friday’s are for the BABES” on December 7.

I regularly attend PWA Black Label shows and I have been given a first hand look at his in ring prowess as both a singles competitor and as a tag team. As I have stated in my review of Colosseum, BABES are one of the most athletically intimidating and imposing teams in Australia and have one of the best looking double team moves, a posterising leapfrog curb stomp combination. But while Carter has been training at Fale Dojo in New Zealand, Matty has been handling his business just fine on his own (see accomplishments above), showing that these guys are like a Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant together but are also one man teams in their own right. Matty has a background in MMA and it only bolsters his learned wrestling skills. Matty has also had an auditioning Jax Jordan try and get into BABES, which had a huge payoff at Colosseum, with Jax Jordan being cut from the BABES and his now “BABES blonde” long locks also received the snip. Matty is also the major player in one of the highlights of the current format which is the intermission, where the ‘Natural Born Athlete’ shows his fine stroke at Beer Pong, taking on the winner of a raffle who has the opportunity to win cold hard cash if and only if, they can somehow overcome this phenom of beer pong. But his stroke along with his elite sledging, all so far have failed. Matty also likes to take the mic in hand at this point, usually throwing barbs at the crowd, his opponent for the evening, along with Triple M DJ Rose, who is part of the commentary team at PWA currently. A quick search of Matty Wahlberg’s Facebook page and you will find a fantastic collection of his high class promo work featuring his pop culture ridden brain (Augustus Gloop looking Motherf&*!er may be the greatest sledge I have ever heard), sharp tongue and his in ring prowess. His Matty Wahlberg vs PWA video from Call to Arms was superb which features a Conor McGregor style promo, where it appears he might apologise, before telling everyone where to go. Matty is active on all of his social media accounts and is well worth a follow (Will list his social media handles at the end of this blog).

It seems the New South Wales wrestling scene cannot get enough of the “21st Success story”, he is popping up everywhere and its not hard to see why. The man moves like a lightweight and hits like a heavyweight, is incredible on the microphone and is an undefeated beer pong champion at PWA Black Label! He’s only in year two and he is one of the hottest free agents in this game. There is certainly an argument that the guy is in the conversation for Most Valuable Player of the NSW Wrestling Scene this year. But provided he wants it, there is plenty of wrestling available in every other state and after already appearing in PWA, it will hopefully open doors for him to promotions like EPW in Perth, Wrestle Rampage in Adelaide and Melbourne City Wrestling in Melbourne and based on the 2018 that Wahlberg had, it could be a pretty special 2019 home and away season. The man is an irresistible force and whether it be with Carter Deams in BABES or on his own solo run, expect Wahlberg go deep into the title picture and to posterise the competition wherever he takes his talents for years to come.

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Check out some of Matty Wahlberg’s work here:

Matty Wahlberg v PWA

Video Promo on Unsocial Jordan

Accepting Hunter Hayes open challenge

Huge Move v Full Force Matt Rogers at Newy Pro

Promo on Jason Dewhurst

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