PWA Black Label: Friday's Are For The BABES Preview

PWA Black Label Fans! It is almost time to slip into your freshest throwback and slap on your finest snapback as Pro Wrestling Australia raises red solo cups in the air to toast an incredible year with its biggest party, when PWA Black Label Presents: Friday's are for the BABES this coming Friday Night December 7!

The fans in attendance will have some ragingly entertaining action to look forward to, including the next stage of the colosseum tournament (where the winner gets a SWORD!), a wrestling royalty rivalry come to a head, a new alliance tested against a mighty force, a good old fashioned shot at revenge and the return home of a wrestler who has been soaring above the competition. Let's break down some of the announced matches and I'll give my thoughts on what should be another incredible night of wrestling, put on by one of Australia's premier promotions.

Colosseum Semi Final: Jack J Bonza vs Paris De Silva

The first match announced for Fridays are for the BABES was the first of the two Colosseum tournament Semi Final matches when the leader of the Red Nation and one half of the current PWA tag team champions Jack J Bonza, faces off against the man, the gif, the legend Paris De Silva. If we start with arguably the greatest technical wrestler in Australia today, Jack J Bonza has had a year to remember for the PWA promotion, despite an early setback against the Bullet Club's Gino Gambino and Bad Luck Fale in a tag team match with the other half of the current PWA tag team champions Mick Moretti. For you see, since that loss, Bonza has not lost in PWA since, defeating Kai Drake, Mat Diamond, Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate + Trent Seven) before winning the vacated PWA Tag Team Championship alongside the Rapscallion in an epic encounter with Paris De Silva and Jude the Dude London (aka the Velocities) before defeating then in arguably a greater contest which came down to the millisecond for a fall. Jack J Bonza drew a wrestler who could match his technical prowess in the form of AJ Istria for the first round of the Colosseum tournament and this lead to a wrestling masterpiece, with Bonza winning with a crafty neck bridge pin.

Paris De Silva's year in PWA has not been as flush with wins as Jack J's has been, however no self respecting PWA fan would rubbish De SIlva's performances in either singles or tag team matches this year - he has been sensational. Despite some losses at the hands of the tag team this Friday's event is named after (BABES), Paris and his partner Jude London proved themselves to be one of Australia's hottest tag team commodities, winning a four way lucha libre style tag match at the PWA x Progress show, placing them in tag team title contention. This lead to the incredible two aforementioned tag team battles between with Velocities and Four Nations with the second one leading to Jack Bonza and Paris De Silva producing the GIF that went around the wrestling twitter world, the Shooting Star DDT. Tag team action aside, it needs to be recognised that Paris De Silva is undefeated in singles action this year, winning a four way match against Concrete Davidson, Matty Wahlberg and Tree Hugger Luchi, before winning an outstanding colosseum opening round war against a very game 'Tuff Stuff' Ricky South, who replaced KellyAnne at short notice but still took De Silva to his absolute limits.

So what can we expect to see in this match?

A high flying wizard taking on a technical wrestling mastermind who will stop at nothing to ground De Silva and put a halt to the massive wave of momentum behind him. Both men have made it this far in the tournament due to them being two of the best Australian wrestling has to offer. Either man can take this one on their night, but after so many attempts of getting so close to beating Bonza and the 4 Nations but falling short, Paris De Silva will dig deep here and find something in his arsenal (perhaps another GIF worthy moment) to take out Jack J Bonza and advance in the tournament to meet the winner of Unsocial Jordan and Mick Moretti in the final.

Pick: Paris De Silva

Colosseum Semi Final: Unsocial Jordan vs Mick Moretti

Unsocial Jordan's 2018 should have him in everyone's conversations for PWA's wrestler of the year. He is "undefeated" and has dispatched the ChocBlockers, BABES, Big Fudge, Jax Jordan, Michael Spencer and Adam Hoffman before even hitting the colosseum tournament. Jordan is willing to win by any method required, meaning his trusty camera tripod ends up involved in his matches at one point or another to ensure victory is alway within his grasp. Unsocial's rather dysfunctional relationship with his SMS counterparts have made for compelling storytelling this year, which saw Facebrooke and Snapchad being labelled jobbers by Jordan on one hand, but on the other hand they came to his aid in his first round Colosseum win against the 'Aussie Arrow' Kyle Fletcher, allowing him to maintain his undefeated streak and advance to the next round of the tournament.

Mick Moretti did not have the ideal start to 2018, falling to Gambino and Fale, Matt Rogers and Will Ospreay, before turning his momentum 360 degrees with Tag Team partner Jack J Bonza, defeating Moustache Mountain and the Velocities on route to PWA Tag team championship gold, before being invited to compete in the Colosseum tournament where he drew 'The World Beater' Damian Slater in round 1 in a close encounter to main event the PWA Colosseum event. Moretti edged Slater on the night which may just play a big part in the next stage of the tournament.

So what can we expect to see in this match?

So whilst I expect to see the amazing wrestling acumen of both performers in this match, I think there is one other word that will sum up this match - Shenanigans.

As mentioned previously, Jordan has used outside interference and foreign objects with his camera, Tree Hugger Luchi and SMS all getting involved in his matches this year. The Rapscallion Mick Moretti is known of the master of mischief and has plenty of tricks up his sleeve himself, just see him using his own cane to have Mikey Broderick removed from Ringside during his last Colosseum match. A disappointed Damian Slater will also be in town this friday night and may be looking for payback, but we should also note Jordan failing to rescue Snapchad from the hands of The Mighty Don't Kneel and the fact that Snapchad may also be looking for retaliation. Like I said, Shenanigans.

I for one think Unsocial Jordan's undefeated streak will continue and my pick of heel of the year reaches the final of Colosseum against Paris De Silva.

Pick: Unsocial Jordan

Matty Wahlberg's Beer Pong Open Challenge

Matty Wahlberg has been on a tear in his Beer Pong raffle, taking out every raffle winner in his path (some far better than others) taking him to a perfect 6-0 record, with no defeat in sight. Apparently the last guy in particular ruined it for everyone, as Matty has declared an open challenge in a quest to find an athlete, someone able to step up and try give him significant competition.  The key word being try. We have seen videos from fans - one being  newcomer, the other looking for revenge as he was a 1 in the 6-0. We have also seen JXT and Rat Daddy among other Australian Wrestlers who put their hands up on social media. So WHO will Matty choose? We will have to wait and see Friday Night!

Matty Wahlberg v Jax Jordan

Matty Wahlberg like the athlete he is pulls double duty on this night, when he attempts to rid himself of Jax Jordan and leave him in 2018. Jax Jordan has been auditioning to join BABES ever since Carter Deams was accepted into Fale's Dojo and headed to New Zealand for his training. The Party Boy did everything in his power to endear himself to Matty, however every time he tried, he failed with Jordan and Wahlberg falling to Juan Direction at Sold our Souls for Rock and Robbie, before shenanigans with Wahlberg cost Jax Jordan in a fatal four way at Call to Arms. The final spark to set off the powder keg that this had built to be was a returning Carter Deams and Matty Wahlberg's attempt to earn the number one contenders spot for the PWA tag team championship foiled by a Jax Jordan distraction, which lead to Juan Direction to swap members and get the win. What followed was a brutal attack with Deams and Wahlberg posterizing Jordan before cutting off some of his freshly dyed BABES blonde locks.

That brings us to December 7 when the 21st Century Success Story Matty Wahlberg squares off against Party Boy Jax Jordan one on one. Will Wahlberg be victorious at his rager to end the year or will the gatecrasher Jax Jordan get some well earned vengeance.

I think Jax Jordan gets his vengeance here and I think Rose fro the Triple M commentary team might give him a hand to get it done.

Pick: Jax Jordan

Michael Spencer vs Madison Eagles

Friday December 7 we are treated to a match between wrestling royalty, when the Prince of All Wrestling goes up against the Master of All Wrestling that has been boiling away on the PWA stove for a good half of the year. Michael Spencer used Madison Eagles (against her will) as a weapon in the fans bring the weapons match against Ricky South at 'We Sold Ourselves for Rock and Robbie' before paying the price for the lapse in judgement receiving a swift kick to the testicles for his trouble. Spencer would not take this lying down, attacking Eagles after she defeated Shazza McKenzie to qualify for the She-1 at PWA Call to Arms. The Prince and Master also brawled through the crowd and to the back during a fatal four way match they were a part of against Snapchad and Marcus Kool which has lead to this. Finally the match the fans want and the match that they want. On December 7, they finally get their hands on each other and we find out who is the greater wrestling royalty.

After both having strong years, this will be a fantastic match and could easily be match of the night when the night is over. I am going to go with the Master of Wresting in this one, with Madison Eagles making Michael Spencer submit in the middle of the ring, being the only four nations member to win at Fridays are for the Babes.

Pick: Madison Eagles

The Mighty Don't Kneel (Mickey Broderick and Damian Slater) vs Mat Diamond and Jude London (The Diamond Dudes - not their actual tag name)  

The Velocities and TMDK both recruited new members at PWA's colosseum show. This means that we are able to get this fantastic tag match where TMDK's Damian Slater teams with new recruit Mikey Broderick take on The Velocities Jude London and new Velocities member Mat Diamond.

Which unit will be more cohesive? Will TMDK establish their dominance in PWA Black Label with a win here? or will recruiting Mat Diamond finally give the Velocities the fire power to win 'the big one'?

This is a hard one to try and pick due to both having something to prove here. Flip of a coin and it has landed on tails, so TMDK it is.

Pick: TMDK

BABES (Carter Deams and Harley Wonderland) vs Juan Direction vs 4 Nations (Jessica Troy and Adam Hoffman) vs Bel Pierce and Tree Hugger Luchi (BelLuchi - not actual tag Name)

This match will be a fun one, with four very different teams in action. Juan Direction will have a point to prove after claiming the number one contendership at the last show against BABES. But they certainly have a target on their backs in this match, with BABES out for revenge, 4 Nations out send a message on behalf of the tag team champions (Moretti and Bonza) and Bel Pierce and Tree Hugger Luchi providing a very interesting tag team combination to add to this Pick n Mix of a match.

I will have to go with Juan Direction for this encounter, as they need to keep winning to build momentum towards their eventual tag title shot early next year.

Pick: Juan Direction

Robbie Eagles vs Tyler Payne (The Wrestler formerly known as Snapchad) *Image Unavailable*

Following an incredible match against Will Ospreay and my pick for match of the year at PWA Call to Arms 2018, Robbie Eagles was called up by 'The Underboss' Bad Luck Fale and the Bullet Club OGs to team with Taiji Ishimori in the New Japan Pro Wrestling Super Tag League, submitting Jushin Thunder Liger on debut and having an all round strong showing on the NJPW stage. He also defeated Austin Aries on the final night of the World Series Wrestling Elite Takeover tour to become the first Australian to hold the World Series Wrestling Championship. On night one of 1Fall entertainment's studio superstars, Robbie Eagles defeated Adam Brooks, Gino Gambino, Dowie James, Jonah Rock and Logan Grey to become the inaugural 1Fall Entertainment openweight champion. On December 7 Robbie Eagles returns to PWA with the Wrestler formerly known as Snapchad, Tyler Payne in his crosshairs. How will Robbie Eagles fare against the man unmasked and humiliated by The Mighty Don't Kneel at PWA Colosseum. How will Tyler respond to this monumental task before him after the mental anguish felled upon him after his best friend abandoned him at his time of need despite being there for him? You will have to be there to find out!

I predict a very strong showing from Tyler Payne, however Robbie Eagles will pick up the win to complete an incredible year for the Sniper of the Skies.

Pick: Robbie Eagles

Wrestling fans, this card is absolutely stacked and you will be extremely disappointed if you miss it. Get your tickets here and enjoy one of the nights of the Australian Wrestling year, when rivalries come to a head, the battle for the ultimate prize heats up and the freshest wrestlers in Australia throw a party to remember.




Dan Wilson - @pandrwrestling