PWA Black Label Presents: Friday's are for the BABES - Recap and Review

Friday December 7 I attended the rager thrown by BABES at Max Watts Sydney when PWA Black Label Presented:Friday’s are for the BABES. It was a fantastic evening filled with fun, laughter and some of the highest quality professional wrestling you will find. I had a front row seat to the action so please find my recap and review for your reading pleasure below. If you do not want spoilers and wish to wait until the event is available on, then do not read any further as the beyond this paragraph, it is rife with spoilers.

I sat in my chosen seat and browsed the Max Watts room and was very impressed with the massive amount of effort that had gone into making this show meet the theme. The stage was decorated with those iconic red solo cups, with them on both the commentary desk and the set up beer pong table, stacked into the shape of pyramids. We also had inflatable pools, pool related items and people who partied way to hard in the prefects Jimmy and Billy. Jimmy was tied to the corner post of the ring closest to the bar with a note that basically read that he was a little bitch and shouldn’t have touched Wahlberg’s cups. Fair enough I say. Billy on the other hand appeared to have passed out on one of the pool related inflatables I had mentioned possibly drinking way too much of the Midori and the Malibu within his grasp on the beer pong table (I certainly hope no RSA inspectors were in attendance!). The ring had a new attire which looked immaculate and there was a video screen fixed to the wall to play entrance videos and to play the stunning video promos created by PWA for the colosseum semi finals to build further hype for an event already surrounded by plenty of buzz. Like curtains on either side of the stage were the beautiful banners showing the final four competitors in the Colosseum tournament: Mick Moretti, Unsocial Jordan Paris De Silva and Jack J Bonza.

Following a powerful introduction video with some of the highlights of a fantastic period for PWA Black Label, the music of Missy Elliot hits our ears. “Lose Control” plays and we are treated to two cheerleaders and a person dressed as a giant Solo Cup, complete with oversized ping pong ball. They perform a routine, before the familiar music of BABES hits to a huge pop from the crowd. It must be stated that this crowd was very hot, with many brining banners which had been draped over the mezzanine rails reading “Bonza is a Ranga” and “Jax Jordan pays for Tinder”. Matty Wahlberg, Carter Deams and Harley Wonderland hit the ring, but not before Wahlberg kicks the passed out Billy and orders security to have he and Jimmy removed for being underage. Carter Deams was carrying a gift bag, which as it turns out was a BABES starter pack for ring announcer Diego, who gave us the depressing news that the January show would be his last at PWA Black Label. The starter pack contained a blonde wig, a Matty Wahlberg 21 Celtics jersey and a Red Solo cup, similar to the ones all the fans were handed on arrival to the venue. It is revealed that the person dressed as the solo cup is none other the Concrete Davidson or now known as Concrete Babe-idson, who on Facebook stated that he no longer wanted to be a lone wolf and that one team would be getting a new member at this event. BABES basically agreed it wasn’t going to work and Harley Wonderland kicked Conco out of the ring. Matty Wahlberg said he had a case of beers waiting for him backstage so wanted to kick Jax Jordan’s arse right now.

Matty Wahlberg def. Jax Jordan

Emotions were high in this fight and both men gave it their all. Party Boy Jax Jordan was on a mission to prove ‘Jax Jordan is enough’, whilst Matty Wahlberg’s primary objective was to prove once and for all that Jax was not and leave him in the dust of the 21st Success Story’s 2018 as he goes for an even bigger 2019. This match was excellent and the crowd were right into it feeding off every strike and slam. Highlights included the Natural Born Athlete Wahlberg sitting Jax onto one fans chair, whilst taking another and asking Harley to sit on it. Matty then back right onto where I was sitting and ran and leapt over Harley to strike Jax Jordan with double knees. Matty Wahlberg’s incredible athleticism has never been questioned from my end, but if you ever needed evidence look no further than this incredible display. Another highlight was Party Boy imitating Wahlberg’s rolling jump corner crotch stomp along with in the heat of the moment spitting right into Wahlberg’s face defying Wahlberg’s statement of ‘YOU DON”T BELONG”. Jax did find some success in this match, but Carter Deams and Harley Wonderland did a great job of ensuring that any momentum built by Jordan was short lived. Jax Jordan although defiant until the end would eventually succumb to a devastating triangle choke with this match ending via a choke out submission. To add insult to injury, BABES and their cheerleaders took photos with the Party Boy’s indisposed carcass, before leaving in a state of euphoria to continue their celebrations back stage. When Jax came to he was extremely disappointed looking for answers as he made his way to the back. It should be noted that commentator Rose was not there this evening with Diego replacing him in this role.

Robbie Eagles def, Tyler Payne

Tyler Payne enters first with new purple flashy attire and a new T-Shirt reading “Nobody” in a jersey like format complete with little captain ‘C’ on top corner. This is somewhat of a metamorphosis of the Wrestler formerly known as ‘Snapchad’ and he wants to prove himself in this one against Robbie Eagles. ‘The Sniper of the Skies’ enters to a monumental pop from the crowd (as he should) with them yelling “IN THE AFTERGLOW” along with his entrance track. Robbie gets a welcome back chant and has a bit of fun with the crowd, stating “I have only been gone for one show!” The action in this match was swift and fast, with Tyler keeping up with a man who wrestles at light speed in Robbie Eagles. We saw several direction changes, rolls, flips and swift rope running to counter every move that each man was trying to hit. They even slapped hands to acknowledge the level each man was on. The match delivered a combination of hard hitting strong style, which Robbie was happy to deliver to Payne after the man known ‘Nobody‘ demanded to see it, along with some high flying acrobatics from both men, with Payne hitting a red/shooting star from the apron to the outside along with a run up one in the ring, whilst Robbie delivered his 450 splash to get the win. It was an incredible match and shows why Tyler Payne earned the opportunity to train at Face Dojo. Despite being called a nobody, Tyler Payne is far from that and has a very bright future ahead of him. Robbie is just incredible and has had a truly wonderful year, impressing everywhere he goes and anyone who sees him. If he continues his current upward trajectory it may be more than one PWA show Robbie misses next year, as Japan, the USA and even possibly the UK will enter his scope in 2019.

The Mighty Don’t Kneel Damian Slater and Mikey Broderick def The Velocities Jude the Dude London and Mat Diamond (Jude in the Sky with Diamond)

We get a funny moment to kick things off when during the Velocities entrance, Conco run into the ring decked out in Jude London’s Velocities attire and doing his patented finger guns, suggesting after his failed attempt at joining BABES he is now attempting to join the Velocities. Unfortunately he gets the thumbs down from Mat Diamond and Jude London and Concrete Davidson heads to the back with his tail between his legs, whilst being pelted with red solo cups by Mikey Broderick. We also get a fun exchange between Broderick and Diego, which leads to Diego pushing Broderick over. We get a solid tag team contest between these two new units, with both teams showing great chemistry and cohesiveness. TMDK appeared to get the better of Jude the Dude London, isolating him from Diamond for quite some time. with plenty of quick tags between the ‘Universal Swoldier’ Broderick and the ‘World Beater’ Damian Slater. Jude did get the hot tag to Diamond who showed that not only that he belongs in the Velocities, but you would be forgiven if you thought he had been in the team since it’s creation. London and Diamond looked like they would get the win, going for a double team with London holding Slater in the ring, with Diamond climbing the corner, but Broderick took Mat Diamond out and it led to a two on one scenario with Mikey Broderick and Damian Slater overwhelming Jude ‘The Dude’ London and getting the win for TMDK, who conquer their first team on their path of destruction through PWA. TMDK cut a promo post match, stating that no faction, team or individual can beat them, evening asking the crowd to suggest someone. Damian Slater said that the fans can throw up the four fingers (four nations) but the only four letters that matter in Australian Professional Wrestling are TMDK. This was a fun tag team match and I am excited to see what’s next for both teams. How do the Velocities rebound? and who are in “The Mighty Don’t Kneel’s” strategy for their conquest of PWA? Time will tell!

Michael Spencer def. Madison Eagles

Well this was the match I was most keen for if I am honest. The back and forth the Prince and Master have had over the past few months has been highly entertaining and their back and forth on social media has only added to it. This was the time that these two would finally get their hands on one another. Michael Spencer entered first to arguably the best entrance music in PWA (“F” by MAXIMUM THE HORMONE) but could only stand their and watch as practically the entire crowd bowed down as Madison Eagles made her entrance into Max Watts. The eerie sounds of AFIs Prelude 12/21 promote fear as I am sure is a natural emotion for anyone who steps into the ring with Madison Eagles. It goes without saying that Madison Eagles is ridiculously over in PWA and this particular crowd showed it in spades. As soon as one chant would finish for Eagles, another one would start behind it. Michael Spencer covered his ears and sat in the corner at one point it all got too much for him. The match started with a power handshake test of strength and we were treated to a great technical wrestling match, with Madison Eagles looking for the STF several times during the match, with the Prince of All Wrestling finding the ropes each time. Madison’s technical ability is equalled by Spencer’s phenomenal athleticism and this produced a great match that will leave all the fans wanting more between these two. Spencer took an opportunity to attack the referee, leading to the offical being rather disorientated. This allowed Michael to rake Madison’s eyes and lock in a lion tamer near the ropes. Madison grabbed the ropes and was whacking Michael Spencer to let go. The referee saw this as a tap and the Prince of All Wrestling was awarded a submission victory over the “Master of Wrestling” one on one. Again, a great match and myself and all PWA fans can’t wait until Madison Eagles gets her hands on Michael Spencer again.

Juan Direction def. Bel Pierce and Tree Hugger Luchi (Bel Luchi/Yin and Yang), 4 Nations Jessica Troy and Adam Hoffman and BABES Carter Deams and Harley Wonderland

The 4 Nations enter first and who is tailing them? None other than Concrete Davidson in a Four Nations T Shirt. He is refused entrance to the 4 Nations and sent packing. On the back of the entrances we get Juan Direction, who make their usual choreographed dance routine to the ring, however one of the members was a bit dodgy performing an over exaggerated spanking motion with the rope. It was revealed that it was CONCO! He once again was rejected from a group. I admire Conco’s used car salesman like persistence and the man had more costume changes than a Lady Gaga concert. This was a really fun match to watch, with Luchi and Bel taking each other out, a huge sexton by Carter Teams over Harley Wonderland and onto some of the combatants on the outside, a hug dive off the corner onto the outside by Hoffman, a “you’re still shit” chant by the crowd, a giant chain submission and escapades with glitter and a garbage man. The match was fast paced and action packed and is a must watch on this show. A Big Fudge distraction allowed for a Juan Direction switcharoo and a roll up on Luchi for the win. Fun, Fun and more Fun!

Matty Wahlberg def Santa Claus in Beer Pong Open Challenge to extend winning streak to 7-0

Matty Wahlberg comes out to John Cena’s “Word Life” theme music and is very much the new Doctor of Thuganomics, complete with spinner beer pong championship. Wahlberg delivers a sharp battle rap (complete with Rose insults) and after his youtube challengers bailed on him last minute, he finds a challenger in the crowd, Saint Nicholas in the flesh! After Matty easily dispatches Santa Claus, he reveals him to be Prefect Billy and has him removed once again! Matty also has a verbal stoush with a fan in the crowd and I got worked as it looked like a shoot to me with members of the PWA security staff looking to get involved. Everything Matty is involved in is fire, no doubt.

Mick Moretti def. Unsocial Jordan

As I tweeted earlier, it must be stated that Unsocial Jordan looked majestic in his new attire and had a great comeback when he was called a wanker (he pointed at his wedding ring as proof that we was not). I said I expected shenanigans in my preview for this show and I was not disappointed, with hide and seek, Madison Eagles chasing an interfering Facebrooke and Tyler Payne getting involved in the contest all occurring. But we were also treated to a fantastic wrestling match with two of the very best to lace them up in PWA. The Rapscallion did get the early jump on the Internet Explorer, but Jordan took complete control of Moretti and proceeded to pick him apart, particularly Moretti’s shoulder, with many including myself questioning whether Moretti would survive. There was craftiness on display from both men and I would expect nothing less from two of the most creative and devious on the roster. Jordan would call for assistance from ‘Nobody’ Payne after trading momentum shifts with Mick Moretti and not being able to put him away. The camera tripod came into play again with a conflicted Tyler Payne hitting the Rapscallion with a glancing blow, which incapacitated him briefly. But he came to during the cover and a quick reversal into a textbook crucifix pin saw Moretti advance to the final with the biggest pop of the night coming from the crowd at this moment. Great match.

Caveman Ugg def. Shazza McKenzie, Kai Drake, Big Fudge and Ricky South

This was another very fun match to watch with some of PWA’s biggest personalities together, which basically had the crowd chanting for everyone at different points in this match (except poor Kai Drake, who is a gun). There were some great combinations of battles throughout this one. With a bird flipping match between Big Fudge and Ricky South, an Ugg vs Kai Drake stiff striking battle and former Chocblockers teammates Shazza McKenzie and Bi Fudge going head to head. We also saw Ugg crush everybody in his path, Shazza eat a Dino driver complete with her head being buried into Ricky South’s trunks and the Shazztastic Stunner hit on Caveman Ugg. The most impressive moment was a huge gut wrench into an Ugg Smash that has to be seen to be believed. Ricky South is not a small man and Caveman Ugg whipped him up in the air like he was performing the technique on a small child. Incredible and shows why this man is the current PWA champion. Caveman Ugg pinned three of his opponents to get the win and it really begs the question, just who can stop Caveman Ugg?

Jack J Bonza def. Paris De Silva

Wow, what a main event this was. Jack and Paris both put their bodies on the line in this contest, both bleeding for their trouble to achieve their goal of advancing to the final to meet Mick Moretti in the fight for Black Metal - The most badass prize in professional wrestling. Jack J Bonza proved once again his credentials as the best technical wrestler in Australia as he contorted Paris’ body in ways which Cirque du Soleil would look for in a new performer. There were some creative and rather incredible power moves on display from the leader of the Red Nation, but his grappling was where he shined, doing sever damage to every body part he got his hands on, but particularly the left leg/ankle which appeared to trouble Paris greatly. Despite Bonza’s prowess though, the valiant Paris De Silva showed great heart and was every bit the warrior worthy of holding black metal when this is all said and done, taking a barrage of punishment and holding on for his moment and he got it when Bonza brought a chair into the ring whilst the referee was down hitting Jack J with a swinging move onto the chair, damaging the bridge of Bonza’s nose and leaving him worse for wear. Paris would climb the corner and look for that incredible shooting star DDT once again, but was caught by Bonza, who hoisted him into a suplex position before transitioning into a tombstone piledriver - incredible stuff. Jack J would then proceed to transition through a number of submission holds on De Silva before settling on what he calls the “Banelock”, a modified STF/Dragon Sleeper combination that would most certainly break the back of the Batman. Paris had absolutely no choice but to submit to the leader of the Red Nation who joins his cohort in the final of Colosseum. Jack J Bonza did not even have a moment to appreciate what had happened before Mick Moretti hit the ring to stand face to face with his opponent for the final of the Colosseum tournament. They stand forehead to forehead and push each other with said body part, just like you see prizefighters do at a weigh-in and they are fighting for the ultimate prize in black metal.

Juan Direction’s music hits and they come to the ring and demand their title shot for the tag team titles occurs in February instead of the Colosseum final which receives an incredible chorus of boos from the crowd. Diego announces at this point that there is actually a show in between this one and the Fight for Black Metal show in February and the tag titles can be contested then when opponents in the Colosseum final must team up and put their the titles on the line against hungry number one contenders. We also received both good and bad news for this upcoming event on January 13. The good news, none other than the King of Goths JIMMY HAVOC will be appearing! The terrible news, this show would be Diego’s last show for PWA…truly devastating news.

That concluded the evening and capped off a fantastic show from start to finish. Once again PWA went above and beyond in their presentation and the show they put on for their loyal fanbase. Every wrestler gives everything in their being on these shows and it is why some are saying this is PWA’s best show all year. It is a must watch on PWA play and essential viewing for any fan of professional wrestling.

-Dan Wilson

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