Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA) Colosseum Recap and Review

Dan Wilson

Saturday 20th October 2018

Last night PWA: Black Label returned to Max Watts in Sydney for the commencement of their inaugural Colosseum tournament featuring eight of Australia’s best wrestlers battling it out to be crowned the best in Australia. The fans in attendance were treated to a very special night of wrestling and hopefully I can give you just a taste of how fantastic it was. But it goes without saying, once this how is up on, you need to watch it! 

It was a jovial crowd in attendance last night and you only needed Diego our Ring announcer/MC/Compere to start walking to the ring to know that. It’s pretty good when a ring announcer asks if you are ready for the night’s action and you are met with a deafening yes. Diego wasted no time getting the night started as like all of us, he too wanted to sink his teeth into this tournament that had been so wonderfully hyped up by the Video packages announcing the eight competitors who had been noticed. 

Colosseum Round One Match - Unsocial Jordan def. Kyle Fletcher  

Our first match of the evening was also the first match of the Colosseum tournament where the “Aussie Arrow”Kyle Fletcher battled against Unsocial Jordan, and in my opinion we were treated to the match of the evening first up. Unsocial Jordan is the premier heel wrestler in PWA at the moment and draws nuclear heat, particularly when he asks those at an 18+ event to refrain from the use of profanity during his match. Kyle Fletcher made quite the homecoming, entering the Colosseum to “Close your eyes and count to F$@k”, the Run The Jewels track that Aussie Open (Fletcher and his Tag Team partner Mark ‘Dunkzilla’ Davis) use as their anthem as they have been conquering Tag Team divisions across Europe. These two had a wonderful match  and really had the crowd invested from pillar to post. We were shown why Kyle Fletcher has been so successful in such a short span of time and we were also shown why Unsocial Jordan had been undefeated in PWA up to this point in 2018. Brutal strikes, high flying spots along with plenty of unique offence saw these Gentlemen very hard to separate in a back and forth contest. Ultimately though, just as Kyle Fletcher was getting the upper hand, two members of the Social Media Squad (SMS) returned in Facebrooke and Snapchad who like most people’s social media accounts, had a very short memory as they had forgotten about being called “Jobbers” for the past four months as they assisted Jordan, who picked up the first win of the night and the Colosseum tournament opening round with the use of his Camera Tripod. Such a great match and SMS drew amazing beat as they were booed to the back and left the fans wondering “Why Facebrooke Why?” And “Why Snapchad Why?” Kyle, who had great support from the Crowd for the entirety of the match, received a great ovation from the Sydney crowd, who were very pleased to see one of the frontline Soldiers on the European front of the #NowWeConquer campaign return to our shores if even only for just one night. 

Adam Hoffman won the PWA Battle Royale for a PWA championship opportunity

A plethora of PWA talent made their way down to the ring for an over the top rope Battle Royale which Diego announced would provide the winner with a PWA Championship opportunity. The competitors were included but not limited to JT Robinson, Bel Pierce, Zena, Adam Hoffman, Luchikai and Big Fudge. This was a fun match which saw the Prefects eliminated for being underage, Big Fudge bringing out a garbage bag full of garbage to reprise his role as “THE GARBAGE MAN!” And a strong performance from Adam Hoffman, who showed every bit of his experience in this Battle Royale, picking his shots which saw him ultimately get the final elimination for Bel Pierce by Powerbombing her over the top rope onto a recently eliminated JT Robinson. Adam Hoffman, then cut a promo stating his frustration about not being included in the Colosseum tournament and stating injury had set him back. He then proceeded to call out the man who had caused this injury, the PWA Champion Caveman Ugg and we were then treated to an impromptu title match. 

Caveman Ugg (c) def Adam Hoffman to retain the PWA Championship.

This was short and sweet, with Caveman Ugg, overwhelming Adam Hoffman with his incredible strength putting him away quickly and showing why he is on top of the perch and the PWA Champion. Ugg as always was extremely well received by the crowd with the Ugg chants flooding the arena.

Full Force Matt Rogers def.Mat Diamond and Jude ‘The Dude’ London. 

Matt Rogers is a monster of a man who definitely lives up to the moniker of “Full Force”. He generates so much power in everything he does and that made this night extremely difficult for Mat Diamond and Jude London. Having said that Mat Diamond and The Dude were able to put Matt Rogers Down on the outside for a while, but eventually was able to recover and pick up the scraps left behind by Jude the Dude London, pinning Mat Diamond for the win. Jude got on the mic and pointed out how things hadn’t been going the Velocities’ (Jude the Dude London and Paris De Silva) way lately with defeat often being snapped from the jaws of victory and this was quite often due to a numbers issue. Jude said he had spoken to Paris and they needed to recruit some new Velocities members to which he then asked Mat Diamond if he wanted to bring his experience to the fold of the Velocities. “Steel City Strong” accepted and Newcastle has become the newest city on the Velocities! Matt Rogers who has been slowly walking towards the back was told to wait by Jude, because he wasn’t done yet. Jude advised that they had speed and experience, but they needed an enforcer and offered him a membership into the Velocities. Matt Rogers stormed back to the ring grabbed the mike and let’s just say he “politely declined” their offer.

Colosseum Round 1 match - Jack Bonza def. AJ Istria 

The second match we were treated to in the Colosseum tournament, was a technical masterclass, between Jack J Bonza and AJ Istria. I have not seen any of AJ Istria’s work previously and as it turns out, I have been missing out and need to watch some more ASAP. He is an amazing worker who more than deserved his place in the tournament. But so does Jack J Bonza. I am a big fan of his singles entrance, where he chooses a member of his Red Nation to be his personal flag bearer. Both men spent the majority of this match showing off their technical prowess, attacking arms, legs, whilst still striking the hell out of each other, with Istria providing appropriate evidence as to why he is know as “Punch Drunk”. Both showed why they have a laundry list each of achievements and both staked their claim as to why they deserved to advance in the tournament, but Jack J Bonza was one step ahead getting a bridge pin that Zack Sabre Jr would be proud of.

Snapchad def. Marcus Kool, Madison Eagles and Michael Spencer. 

Snapchad returned to the ring this time to compete in a fatal four way match and was greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd. He showed he most definitely was re-aligned with SMS after his sabbatical to New Zealand to train with Bad Luck Fale, with the “Stand with SMS” T-Shirt and their signature hand over mouth taunt/gesture. Snapchad would be competing against the ‘Prince of All Wrestling’ Michael Spencer, who was donning a very impressive, royal looking cloak to go with his crown and DragonBall Universe T Shirt, Madison Eagles who came out massive cheers and bows from the crowd (much deserved of course!) and the Hooligan Marcus Kool, who I got my first look of and who rocks a pretty solid Football Hooligan gimmick. This was an awesome match, which whilst started off as one fatal four way eventually broke off into two separate battles and then just a one on one contest. Whilst Snapchad and Marcus Kool stayed in the ring, Madison and Michael Spencer took their building frustrations out on each other outside the ring, with a couple of high spots (a particularly amazing one near the bar might I add) and some fighting through the crowd for good measure. The two of them fighting all the way to the back and not returning. This allowed Marcus Kool and Snapchad to shine, putting on a solid match that was eventually won by Snapchad. 

Snapchad then asked for the microphone, to which he began to talk about his time with SMS before going to New Zealand and now he was back. He declared SMS the best team in Australian professional wrestling which caught the attention of Damian Slater of the Mighty Don’t Kneel (TMDK) who made his way out to the ring to cut a promo of his own, advising that the only four letters that matter are TMDK. He stated the TMDK had room for a new member and that person had been chosen after a country wide search. We had seen the “gather your troops” posts and hourglass posts from the TMDK twitter page but who was the person they were talking about? That person was revealed to be “The Universal Swoldier”  Mikey Broderick. Mikey made his way to the ring, donning a TMDK T-Shirt and got on the Mike, talking about how people like Robbie  Eagles and Concrete Davidson were being put forward ahead of him and he wasn’t happy about it. So he reached out to his brothers at TMDK and they are here for war and would start with Snapchad. A beat down ensued on Snapchad and Jordan came down to the ring to consider making the save, but out of self preservation and possibly other motivations refused to do so, leaving TMDK the ability to make a huge statement by unmasking Snapchad. That’s a declaration of war of there ever was one.

Diego then called for intermission, which was a good opportunity to have a rest after that tireless action of the first portion of the show! 

Matty Wahlberg retained his Beer Pong Championship and almost caused a Nudie Run in the process when he defeated a punter in Beer Pong. 

Colosseum Round One Match - Paris De Silva Def. Ricky South who stepped in to replace Kellyanne

Diego announced Paris De Silva to the ring and when Paris arrived he advised that Kellyanne was unable to make it to Sydney as her flight was cancelled and she was therefore was unable to compete in the tournament. However, PWA management had found a replacement. Cue Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’ and Cue ‘Your Daddy’s Daddy’ Tuff Stuff Ricky South to a great pop from the crowd. These two men put on a fantastic match with some more spots that will surely go viral like the shooting star DDT from the Call to Arms show, particularly an electric chair into Paris getting up standing on Ricky South’s shoulders into a huge GIF-worthy DDT. amazing athleticism by both men! Both competitors in this match were super over with the crowd, with duelling chants providing the back ground noise to a special match. Ricky South more than deserved his opportunity in this match as he has been noticed and is loved by many Australian Wrestling fans. However Paris De Silva scored the victory to advance to the Semi Finals in the Colosseum tournament. 

Juan Direction def. BABES (Matty Wahlberg and Carter Deams) w/Jax Jordan to become the number one contenders for the PWA Tag Team Championship.

Matty Wahlberg and Jax Jordan came to the ring first, wearing Slytherin Halloween costumes, with Matty Wahlberg’s complete with Draco Malloy Quidditch Jersey and Slytherin DMs pickup line. Jax Jordan who was wearing a Slytherin beanie, was told to take it off revealing his long dark hair had been dyed blonde just like a BABES member should. Matty advised he was impressed Jax went to so much effort when he wasn’t wrestling tonight and Carter Dreams returned to welcome back chants from the crowd. BABES are such an athletic and imposing team and it was awesome to see these two superstars together again. Jax took the role of Waterboy, as BABES took on Juan Direction for the number one contendership for the Tag team titles. It was a great tag match, which saw both teams putting it all on the line for the chance to face the 4 Nations for the Tag titles, but after Jax Jordan got involved in the match taking out a member of Juan Direction and Matty Wahlberg, it allowed a distracted Referee and Carter Deams to not see a switcharoo from Juan Direction which cost BABES the match. This led to an arguement between Jax, Wahlberg and Deams with the latter two turning on Jax and beating him down before cutting off some of his hair and delivering the leapfrog foot stomp double team move, before leaving the ring, with a heartbroken Jordan left in their wake.

MAIN EVENT: Colosseum First Round Match - Mick Moretti def. Damian Slater w/ Mikey Broderick 

Our main event was everybody’s favourite Rapscallion Mick Moretti, taking on the World Beater Damian Slater who was accompanied to the ring by new recruit to TMDK Mikey Broderick. Mick Moretti was very much the hometown hero, with constant chants for him throughout the entire match. We saw a great match here, a technical battle, with Moretti’s unorthodox moveset thrown in for good measure. The sly Rapscallion cleverly had Broderick removed using his own cane, evening the odds against Damian Slater. Damian Slater is an incredible talent, showing why he was chosen to represent Australia in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and why he was chosen for this tournament. In the photo finish this match was, Moretti edged Slater to win and advance in the tournament. This sets up some very intriguing Colosseum Semi Finals at the next show at Max Watts on December 7 when Unsocial Jordan will battle Mick Moretti and Jack Bonza will take on Paris De Silva. 

PWA once again have outdone themselves and congratulations all around to the Wrestlers (both home and visitors) and Crew for an incredible night of wrestling.

My brother came to his first PWA show last night and is now planning on attending the next one, after being very impressed by what the Australian Wrestling Scene has to offer. In war Australian Wrestling has declared on the rest of the world, PWA is one of the superpowers at the helm of the conquest. 

If you were unable to make it due to other commitments or were crazy enough to choose not to attend, do yourself a solid and watch it as soon as it is up on Thanks again PWA and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. See you on Friday December 7!

NB - Special shoutout to Diego and Heather who sit at ringside and react to every strike, slam and spot. I like to look over throughout the night to see their reactions and its a joy to see they are just as enthralled as the rest of us. Also love your comedic timing too Diego!